VMWare – Operate at the Velocity of Business

VMWare deliver new products and services more quickly. Get closer to customers. Make increasingly mobile workers more productive. The pressure on your business to innovate has never been greater. But is your existing IT infrastructure capable of advancing your business goals?

As we enter the mobile-cloud era, business expectations of IT have accelerated exponentially. You must be able to manage billions of new mobile consumers and millions of new applications and services with flat or declining resources. A fundamental change in “how IT is done” is required. And your organization will need to move to a software-defined approach to cost-effectively and competitively serve internal and external customers, ultimately achieving an IT-as-a-service (ITaaS) approach.

VMWare – Build on a Proven Foundation

More than a decade ago, they introduced the VSphere® virtualization platform to help businesses reduce IT complexity and cost. Now it is third among all global businesses on the Forbes “Most Innovative Companies” list.[1] By enabling faster, easier application and resource provisioning, VMware and VMware partner technologies increase IT and business agility. They improve IT controls by delivering an elastic pool of compute, storage, and networking resources through software. And they eliminate operational inefficiencies, so your organization can finally reassign existing IT resources from maintenance projects to business-building innovation.

VMWare – Journey to the Software-Defined Enterprise

When your organization engages with VMware and the extensive VMware partner network, you begin a journey from progressively evolving traditional IT infrastructure to a more agile, efficient, and virtualized cloud computing environment. Throughout the Journey, you can realize greater and more strategic value from your IT investments. Companies typically begin the Journey by virtualizing infrastructure to consolidate investments and reduce costs. Many then virtualize business-critical applications and pursue a strategy of leveraging automation and higher degrees of management to extend virtualization beyond the computing platform to the rest of the infrastructure, including storage, networking, and security. These efforts reduce operational costs and improve service quality. But only when virtualization is truly pervasive can your business finally realize the full value of ITaaS and achieve the goal of becoming a Software-Defined Enterprise.

VMWare – Redefine IT Infrastructure

The Software-defined Data Center. If your organization has experienced cost savings from server virtualization, imagine the additional benefits you can achieve by expanding virtual compute to all applications, then to storage and networking. When you virtualize with VMware and their large ecosystem, you gain the architecture, technology, and services to enable the software-defined data center.