Outbound Platform System (OBS)

Integrated with the Huawei contact center platform, OBS provide multiple outbound features, including preview outbound call, progressive outbound call, predicted outbound call and IVR outbound call. OBS provide open database interface for the integration of 3rd outbound management system.

Enterprises can choose the best outbound policy such as preview outbound, progressive outbound, predicted outbound and IVR outbound depending on the service requirement and resources.

*  Predicted Outbound Call: The highlight of predicted outbound is the control of outbound speed depending on the system resource utilization rate. OBS calls a customer, after the customer is put through, then it forwards the call to an idle agent. There is no need for agents to dial number, waiting for answering. Predicted outbound policy can obviously improve the outbound efficiency and save valuable agent resources.
*  Predicted outbound is suitable for large customer volume and low complexity products, enterprises can obviously improve the utilization ratio of agent   resources. With the help of powerful Huawei dynamical prediction outbound algorithm, enterprises can find aim customers more exactly and improve the production efficiency.
*  Predicted outbound can balance the traffic pressure of contact center by the dynamically adjust the outbound call rate. When the system is busy, the algorithm reduces the outbound rate and otherwise raises the outbound rate.
*  Outbound detect rate > 97%.
*  Preview Outbound Call: Outbound call management system sends the information of a customer to be called to an agent for preview. The agent determines whether to call the customer. This policy is suitable for high complexity products and high level customers (VIP customer). The agent can have a better       performance while the interaction with customer after the preview of customer’s information.
*  Progressive Outbound Call: The features of progressive outbound calls are as follows: system occupies an idle agent at first and then calls a customer. Then the idle agent processes the call. If the system fails to occupy the agent, this outbound call fails. In order to prevent customer waiting which may reduce the degree of satisfaction of customer, enterprises can choose the progressive outbound call policy. System builds the one-to-one service between agent and customer automatically so as to improve the agent’s efficiency and raise the degree of customer’s satisfaction.
*  IVR Outbound Call: IVR outbound call is suitable for remind services, product advertising services etc. The IVR automatic outbound call can reduce the operation cost of enterprises. And through the data analyze activities, enterprises can seize more valuable customers and get better profits.

HPS is an outbound call service system developed based on Huawei OBS platform, operators can import customer name-list data by multi methods, set outbound call policy and schedule, customize the outbound call campaign and manage outbound call data.

Product Functions:

*  Campaign Management: HPS provides an operation and management flow, by the outbound call campaign management flow, enterprise can customize the outbound strategy easily and start pointed outbound campaigns. Agent can record the outbound call result in their agent call control interfaces and HPS system collect these record. Enterprise managers can acquire customer’s requirements by these results and make further marketing strategy.
*  Call Data Management: HPS support customer information management. HPS provide multi channels including TXT, CVS and DB for the importing the customer information data. And HPS also support data cleaning, data filtering to make sure the final customer information is high available.
* Monitoring Campaigns: HPS provides histogram monitoring view of the progress of outgoing call campaigns. Managers can adjust the outbound campaign depending on the monitor result to implement better marketing strategy.
*  Universal centralized configuration management based on B/S architecture. Authorized administrators can configure outbound call campaigns within his right anywhere and anytime securely.
*  Compact guide for the creation of outbound call campaign. An outbound call campaign can be created simply with consecutive steps including: General Information, Policy Information, Skill Queue Information, Schedule, Call Data, Call Logic, Filter and Disposition Code.

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