Since 2006, As an OEM Distributor, EZY Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. is committed to provide Value added Services under one umbrella,

EZY Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. regularly organized Partner Get together, boot camps, trade shows and mega events  in which we discuss new training on licensing, operation and other technical development of the products with partners.

Partners always awaited for EZY Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. Programs stated above and on top of that EZY Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. Promotions on MS OEM software play vital role in getting business, winning partner trust and helping EZY Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. to achieve their targets.

It comes pre-installed when you purchase a new computer. So for instance when you purchase a new PC it might come with an OEM licensed copy of Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Pro pre-installed on it. One of the key benefits of this is that you then know that the software has been installed correctly and is working properly and if there are any issues it is the responsibility of the computer manufacturer or installer to provide support rather than Microsoft.

Again, the software usage is ruled by the Microsoft Software Licence Terms document. So for instance it will detail that with Windows 8.1 Pro licensed via OEM you do get limited downgrade rights in that you can downgrade as far back as two earlier versions if you so desire, either to Windows 7 Professional or Windows Vista Business. But that there are no transfer rights, so the software may not be removed from the PC it was originally installed on and installed on another, however, you are allowed to transfer the PC complete with the OEM licensed software to a new user if required.

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