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IBM Flex System

A building block of PureFlex and other expert integrated systems in the PureSystems™ family – helps your enterprise go beyond blades by providing high performance, easily integrated components, and increased flexibility for your enterprise

Custom-build infrastructure to your requirements

IBM Flex System offers a broad range of  x86 and POWER compute nodes in an innovative chassis design that goes beyond blade servers with advanced networking and system management, to support extraordinary simplicity, flexibility and upgradability.

If you want to build and tune a custom configuration based on the most advanced blade server in the market with maximum x86 EP compute and memory performance, IBM Flex System is the right fit.

IBM Flex System Enterprise chassis is designed for multiple generations of technology. It offers:


* 14 standard-width or 7 full-width bays, or any combination, for compute nodes, storage nodes, and expansion nodes

•* Four scalable high-speed switch bays

* Support for 40Gb Ethernet networking

•* Node-to-node traffic contained within the chassis, to significantly reduce Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch latency

* Integrated chassis management

•* Headroom to support future power and cooling needs:

•* Up to six 2500W power supplies (with N+N multiple redundancy or N+1 single-redundancy)

•* Up to eight scalable fans

•* Full redundancy of power, cooling, I/O, and other major components

Key benefits of the new IBM SYSTEM X M4 series server include :

* Outstanding up time – with the option of redundant and hot-swap fans, disks and power supplies, IBM System X server  provides aresilient architecture that      is ideal for business critical applications.

* Exceptional ease of management – optional.

*  Feature on Demand (FoD) remote presence provides the ability to manage, monitor and troubleshoot from anywhere.

IBM System x3100 M4 –x3200 M4 – x3500 M4 1-socket and 2 Socket tower server
New IBM System x M4 announcement:
Introducing two-socket rack & tower servers

The IBM System x3650 M4, x3550 M4 and x3620 M4 are the three servers that IBM introduces to the volume segment. These servers are at the sweet spot of the market and they will supersede the highly successful M3 versions of these products.