Huawei Contact Center Outbound Platform

Incoming call is the main service mode of traditional contact center. Incoming call services include business consulting, complaint & proposal, business acceptance and other universal services. With the development of contact center, it is bearing more and more functions such as: proactive services, telemarketing, cross-selling etc. These function changes push traditional contact center to be interactive contact center. In order to improve the loyalty of customer and reduce the customer churn rate, it is necessary to build a comprehensive and smart contact marketing center to provide proactive services, customer care, customer complaint return visit, new products introductions etc.Huawei outbound call system provides a mixed inbound/outbound blend solution which means outbound call agents can also process multimedia in-coming call services. Huawei outbound system (OBS) supports multiple outbound features, including preview outbound call, progressive outbound call, predicted outbound call and IVR outbound call. OBS also provides outbound call interfaces for the integration of 3rd outbound call management system.
Huawei also provides an outbound call service system based on OBS called Huawei proactive service (HPS) system. Outbound name-list importing, intelligent outbound policy, smart outbound schedule management and many other functions in HPS enable contact center managers manage their outbound call campaigns very easily and smartly.