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Network Solutions

Huawei 10GE Campus Network Solution Enterprise information technologies have gone through three developmental phases: the stand-alone PC era that reduced manual labor, the data era that saw the beginning of information sharing, and the current multimedia- cloud-mobile era.
One Net Campus Network Solution Huawei, the world’s leading network solution provider, is dedicated to research and development of campus network solutions. Based on rich experience in IP network construction, Huawei provides end-to-end campus network solutions and services.
One Net Virtual Campus Network Solution Huawei One Net virtual campus solution virtualizes network topologies and services, which reduces the OPEX and facilitates device networking and large-scale network deployment. Using this solution, your network will be much easier to maintain.
One Net Green Campus Network Solution Reducing energy consumption and emission is an enterprise’s obligation and also a way to reduce the TCO. As an industry-leading network solution provider, Huawei offers the One Net green campus solution to help enterprises fulfill environment.
One Net Intelligent Campus Network Solution Huawei One Net intelligent campus solution provides intelligent power management and network O&M, as well as integrated IP and IT system management. This solution helps you build a low-OPEX, high-efficiency, and low-carbon campus network.
Huawei Video Surveillance Network Solution Video surveillance can be used to help protect the safety of human life and property. As such, video surveillance technologies have been introduced into all aspects of life, such as financial institutions, business organizations.